Short plays

CUSTOMER SERVICE -  A woman descends into a hell of confusion and frustration when she attempts to interact with her phone company's customer service department. (20 pp, 1M, 2W)

MISS IRRELEVANT - Twenty years after a campus sexual encounter, a woman confronts a retired American football star at a book signing. (10 pp, 1M, 1W) (Included in Smith & Kraus's Best Ten Minute Plays of 2019; Applause Theatre & Cinema Books's The Best New Ten-Minute Plays, 2019)

TOGETHERNESS - A comedic fable about climate change inspired by the works of Samuel Beckett and THE WIZARD OF OZ.  (48 pp, 4M, 2W)

THE HOLDING ROOM - Just married and heading on their honeymoon, MAN and WOMAN find themselves detained at the airport after his name appears on the no-fly list.  (12 pp, 2M, 1W)

EMERGENCY ROOM - A hapless man unwittingly falls victim to a nightmarish system when he is taken to a hospital emergency room after a minor accident. (25 pp, 2M, 1F) (Winner, Upstage Playwright Award)

GUN SHOP - A concerned suburban father intent on buying a weapon to protect his family gets a lot more than he bargained for when he seeks the counsel of a gun shop owner. 

(12 pp, 2M)

ANYTHING ELSE? - When a grieving son meets with a clergyman to discuss the eulogy for his late father, the discussion takes an unexpected turn. (10 pp, 2M)

SHALL WE? -  A hapless air traveler gets into hot water when he tries to join the Mile High Club with a sexy, flirtatious flight attendant.  (11 pp, 2M, 1W)

SMALL WORLD -  Two men who have a chance encounter while waiting for an elevator discover they have a shared interest in playing softball…and a different, darker personal connection. (14 pp, 2M)

THE SURPRISE PARTY -   When ELLEN comes home early from a business trip to surprise her lawyer husband MARK on his birthday, she isn't the only surprise that awaits him, his legal assistant TRACY and Ellen's sister, MONICA, who are also there for the party.  (19 pp, 1M, 3W)

JUST A STUPID HORROR MOVIE -  When BETSY appears at the door of her older sister CHLOE to boost her spirits after a rough break up, she arrives bearing popcorn and a movie...and a hidden agenda.  (11 pp, 2W)

HOUSE HUNTERS - A MARRIED COUPLE searching for their dream house is shown a foreclosure property by their REAL ESTATE AGENT that comes with a very tempting price...and an unexpected OCCUPANT.  (10 pp, 3M, 1W)

THE THRONE - CORPULENT MAN is the king of his domestic domain, waited on hand and foot by his wife, MEEK WOMAN…until she makes a simple request that ends up changing the nature of their relationship forever. (10 pp, 1M, 1W)

CROSSING THE LINE  - Should WOMAN dare to cross the line? Her partner MAN helps her assess the risks. (1 p, 1M, 1W)

AIR RIGHTS - The pro-business MAYOR of New York happily attempts to sell the air rights to Central Park to a mysterious CHINESE BUSINESSMAN, who actually has a secret agenda.  (10 pp, 2M)

BACK OF THE BUS - ROSA PARKS time travels from the 1950s to the present day and has a surreal encounter with REVEREND AL, a WHITE HIP HOP KID and BERNARD GOETZ on a city bus. ( 13 pp, 3M, 1W)