FOLLOWING FEDERER (co-written with Fay Ann Lee)  - In this screwball comedic road movie, a cynical sports writer - desperate to fulfill a book contract - infiltrates a group of Roger Federer fanatics who have come together to help one of them achieve his dying wish: to see his hero play at the U.S. Open in New York. 

THE FOUR O'CLOCK (co-written with Michael Friday) - A conniving, deeply-in-debt psychiatrist unscrupulously seduces a wealthy patient…only to discover that he married the wrong woman - she's actually broke, crazy and needy - and his life spins even more out of control. A decidedly unromantic comedy.

THE P.E.T. TEAM (co-written with Michael Friday) -  A brilliant, idealistic psychiatrist, head of the Los Angeles County Psychiatric Emergency Team, struggles to resolve life-threatening situations involving the mentally ill while dealing with his own burn out and a lack of support from an indifferent bureaucracy. A drama with humor.

WHEN SUNNY GETS BLUE  (co-written with Michael Friday) - A Silicon Valley trophy wife, kicked to the curb by her philandering husband, becomes the world's most inept high-end escort and spends a surreal night in San Francisco with her first client, an alcoholic, disgraced psychiatrist. An off-beat romantic comedy.

TWISTED SISTERS  (co-written with Treva Brandon) - After accidentally torching their house, some hard-partying sorority sisters struggle to remain in school and turn the tables on the duplicitous college president who is intent on finally expelling these “twisted sisters.” A comedy for the "we party too" movement.

SUPER SUNDAY - (co-written with Roy Sekoff) - A football-obsessed husband sneaks away from his wedding anniversary vacation in Mexico to attend the Super Bowl in San Diego - where his beloved team is making its first appearance - but things don't go according to plan. A sports comedy.

SENIORS - (co-written with Roy Sekoff) - It's 1995 in Miami Beach and Kip Pierce seems to be living the teenage dream - Class President, admired by his peers, adored by his cheerleader girlfriend. But a chance encounter with a feisty, difficult old woman at a senior residence where he volunteers upends Kip's life and forces him to question everything he believes in. A comedy-drama.

TATUM'S BLUFF - (co-written with Roy Sekoff) - A well-meaning mayor, desperate to save his dying small town of Tatum's Bluff, Nebraska, turns a local hostage taking into an international incident when he tells the news media the perpetrators are blood-thirsty Islamic terrorists. A black comedy/satire of politics, the media and American values.

BEAUTY SLEEP - (co-written with Roy Sekoff) - In this pitch dark comedy/satire, a famous supermodel and a frumpy, overweight bowling alley employee switch bodies after applying a facial mask with mysterious ingredients used by tribal healers from the Amazon rainforest. Can the supermodel, now trapped in the form of the bowling alley worker, find a way to get her former body...and life...back?